TOTO Washlet – A Little Piece of Hygiene and Happiness in your Bathroom

TOTO washlets are life-changing – yes, that’s how families who have been using it for years describing their experience of using TOTO washlet. Once you have experienced the sense of well-being and soothing comfort that comes from cleaning yourself with a hygienic water stream, you can’t imagine getting back to toilet paper.

Life-changing technology that ensures wellness to life

Introduced in 1980, TOTO washlet initiated a revolution. It was an ideal so intelligently and innovatively designed that it ended up reinventing the way people have performed their most essential daily rituals. Washlet presented the custom of watering cleansing to the world that has earlier depended upon less sanitary and much lesser comfortable way of wiping with toilet paper. Besides the hygiene, this life-changing innovative bathroom essential product brings a sense of wellness and harmony to a routine life. By 2021, over 50 millions TOTO washlet units were sold. Today, with focus on wellness, TOTO carries on to come up with advanced new technologies for their washlet unit.

If you are planning on buying a TOTO washlet for your bathroom, you must first take a look at what type of toilet you have already. The TOTO washlet is never a complete unit, however rather a high-tech seat that goes mounted over an existing toilet. Washlet also makes toilets that are highly compatible with all plumbing designs in all kinds of bathrooms, however, before you buy one, make sure you’re buying from an authorised seller of TOTO washlets, such as Austpek Bathrooms.

The TOTO washlet has different key features:

Heated seat and lid unit – goes perfectly mounted over your current toilet

Water draining and filter – gets perfectly attached behind the toilet to supply water to the water spray wand

Water supply hose – Easily gets connected with toilet’s water supply port to the source at the rear of the unit

Jet spray wand – Sits perfectly below the lid in the back in order to spray water up on the user as commanded.

Control panel or remote panel – Either placed next to the toilet or mounted up on the wall (based on the model you have brought in) and allows users to activate and stop the water streams as preferred, and also adjust water pressure, plus the temperature.

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