The latest in wall flush toilets has been around for over two centuries. With such a renowned history, it's difficult to believe that innovations in the hidden designs are as yet possible. In any case, a style that started in Europe is presently getting on in the U.S. households as well. The benefits of wall-hung toilets are becoming evident to remodelers and architects.

Read on to learn all that you really want to know of and how to pick one for your next project.

Key Takeaways:

Benefits of wall-hung toilets include superior style and a space-saving design

Wall-hung toilets are turning out to be more well-known however normally just work with major rebuilding projects or new development

The types of wall-hung toilets available need to comply with explicit building regulations that set as far as possible and available space in the room

What are the Advantages of Wall-Hung Toilets?

A wall-hung toilet works the same way as a conventional floor-mounted toilet, with the exception of the tank that stays behind the wall. This makes an all the more stylishly satisfying design yet in addition gives extra benefits, including:

 Saving money on space - In circumstances where engineers need to save space, a wall-hung toilet is ideal as just the actuator plate and bowl needs to squeeze into the room

 Sanitary arrangement - Since the bowl dangles from the wall, it's simpler to clean and disinfect the whole area around the toilet

 Flexible installation - Wall-hung toilets allow remodelers and designers to change the level as indicated by the application, which is incredibly helpful for circumstances where versatility and space is a worry


Rich Bathroom Designs from Geberit

When you want an exquisite design that also advances better cleanliness in your bathrooms, Geberit has a scope of wall-hung toilets that give every one of the benefits you really want. Join our excellent and sturdy designs with sensor faucets, sanitary showerheads, and other wall-mounted highlights to amplify space and make a simple to-clean bathroom.

Anyway, what are the advantages of wall hung toilets?

Cleaning Accessibility

This is potentially the greatest advantage that a wall mounted toilet exhibits. The toilet container is raised from the floor which allows you to clean around and under the toilet easily. When contrasted with a traditional toilet, there are no restricted spaces where residue and soil can buildup. This implies that you won't have to twist down and can rather just use a mop. Also, there is no sealant tying down the toilet to the ground that could stain over the long run. A wall hung toilet can stand the everyday hardships with insignificant exertion.

 Save space

Wall mounted toilet unit are a phenomenal choice for cloakroom and little en-suite bathrooms. As they don't have an awkward cistern, they don't take up a lot of room. They can be placed close to other bathroom fixtures without the space feeling excessively confined. Wall mounted toilets likewise give the illusion of room as they use an unfilled space on the wall rather than the floor. Although, you should find a decent spot to introduce it in as there must be space to cover the concealed cistern and edge. With the use of stud walls and minimal designs they are as yet your smartest option for little spaces.


Wall hung toilets are often considered as cutting edge and jazzy. We can see the reason why they are looked to as an extraordinary expansion to contemporary bathroom designs. Wall hung toilets have a novel look and when they are collaborated with a lovely bathroom design they don't disappoint.


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