TOTO Washlet: Investing in this ultimate Japanese toilet seat is a no-brainer

Since the 1700s, bidets have become commonplace in European bathrooms. Bidets are an individual bathroom fixture that’s located next to the toilet for hundreds of years. In Australia, bidets are making a sort of comeback in the form of TOTO Washlet—a revolutionary Japanese toilet seat. TOTO is a leading sanitary manufacturer from Japan whose Washlet and smart toilets have taken the plumbing world by storm.

However, a TOTO Washlet model departs from bidets in terms of design. That’s because Washlet is a TOTO toilet seat unit that can be easily attached to any toilet. What’s the key function of a TOTO toilet seat? This fixture helps clean up using a water jet instead of the abrasive toilet paper. Besides using water for cleaning purposes, TOTO toilets even bring a range of features such as temperature control and automatic drying. Because they boast so many game-changing sanitary features, TOTO smart toilets have truly revolutionised the toilet experience.

TOTO Washlet introduces new sanitary technology for the masses
TOTO Washlet brings the goodness of technology to toilets. For instance, a TOTO Washlet bidet seat may come with a retractable wand that’ll help deliver comprehensive back and front cleaning using water. However, the biggest upside of TOTO Washlet is that it can seamlessly fit any kind of toilet pan including a wall-hung one, a closed-coupled one, or a floor-mounted one.

What’s more? The Washlet comes with remote control features that’ll help you adjust things like the water temperature, spray angle, and water flow. That means TOTO Washlet will definitely harness the latest sanitary technology for enhancing the time spent on the toilet seat.
And because TOTO toilets use water instead of paper, they’re hygienic with a capital H. These reasons have successfully helped TOTO toilets become the go-to option for any savvy buyer these days. But the thing is, from where can you buy authentic TOTO Washlet models in Australia?

The answer to this question lies with Austpek Bathrooms.
Austpek Bathrooms: Transforming your toilet experience with TOTO
At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find a wide selection of TOTO toilet seats to choose from. These toilet seats are genuine so that you don’t have any problems with the after-sales services. Yes, TOTO is particular about servicing only authentic toilet fixtures—not the copies. Even better, Austpek Bathroom has a wide delivery network; that means you can get your TOTO toilet delivered to anyplace in Australia. So, what’s the wait? Browse through the collection of TOTO toilets at this online store and find the one that snugly fits your budget and preferences.