Here’s Your Quick Guide To Cleaning TOTO Toilets

Cleanliness is always prioritised by almost everyone. People want to remain fresh and clean. You’ll definitely be the one who likes clean houses, admires pristine dresses, loves dust-free furniture, and has hygienic workplaces. But how about cleaning your toilets? Are you comfortable in cleaning your toilet?
The fact is that most of you won’t be comfortable when it comes to cleaning toilets. And the reason for that discomfort is plain and simple—toilets are packed with germs, and that’s why cleaning them may seem to be nasty. Nonetheless, cleaning the toilet is integral because using a dirty one will be harmful to your health.

TOTO toilets have become the gold standard for toilets. That’s why many of you may have TOTO toilets equipped in your bathrooms. Are you one of those who’ve already witnessed the brilliance of a TOTO toilet but don’t know how to sustain that brilliance? If you don’t know anything about cleaning your TOTO toilet, then here’s the real deal. In this explainer, we’re going to give the low-down on how to make your TOTO toilet squeaky clean.
Now, without wasting any more time, people, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Making your TOTO toilet germ-free is easy

Every single TOTO toilet out there features an extremely smooth yet durable CEFIONTECT glaze. This is a specialised glaze that makes it nearly impossible to have any germ or dirt or bacteria to get accumulated on the toilet bowl’s surface.

Even better, the ceramics having this special glaze is easy to clean. All you’d need is a microfiber cloth. By using a microfiber cloth for cleaning the toilet ceramic, you’ll make sure that the glaze doesn’t erode over time. Because of this reason, cleaning your TOTO toilet is fairly simpler and faster. Now, let’s get down to figuring out the step-by-step guide that’ll help you clean your TOTO toilet.

A step-by-step approach to cleaning your TOTO toilets

Wearing your hand gloves and apron

Your safety should be your top priority. That’s why before you begin cleaning your toilet, you must put on your hand gloves along with your apron. This way, you’ll make sure that you keep the germs and bacteria in your toilet at bay.

Rubbing the toilet with a sponge and hot water

First of all, you’d need hot water for cleaning the outside surface of the toilet. Besides having hot water, you’d even need a sponge. Remember one thing: You’d need to run the hot water across the entire outside surface of the toilet.

Having a toilet cleaner by your side makes sense

Once you’ve cleaned the toilet’s outside part, you’ll have to make sure you clean its insides. For that reason, you’d have to invest in a good quality toilet cleaner. Just apply the cleaner on the inside part of the toilet bowl. And if you want a super-comprehensive cleaning, then you must not miss cleaning even the minutest area of the toilet bowl.

Using good quality toilet brushes

For cleaning the inside part of a toilet, use a good toilet brush. Once you’ve sprayed the cleaner all over the toilet surface, scrub the brush properly. Make sure you’ve scrubbed the toilet really hard. Because that’s the only way of having a toilet that’s hygienically clean.

Flushing the TOTO toilet

Once everything is done, you’ll have to flush the TOTO toilet. After flushing the toilet, you’ll see that your toilet looks as good as a brand-new one. If, however, you don’t flush the toilet after using the cleaner for long, then chances are that the cleaner’s solution will leave some marks on the toilet’s ceramic.

Summing it up

Now, you definitely know a thing or two about cleaning your TOTO toilet. And just in case you need a new TOTO toilet for your bathroom or need to upgrade your TOTO toilet model, then we, at Austpek Bathrooms, will be your best bet. We have a wide range of TOTO toilet models so that you’re spoiled for choice. Now, what are you waiting for? Browse through our collection of TOTO toilets and pick the one that’ll fit your budget and need to a tee.

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