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Since establishment in 2000, Austpek Bathrooms has focused on providing quality bathroom accessories and fittings that complements any bathroom needs. our goal is to inspire and help all Australians to create their dream bathroom.

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Wall Hung Toilets 

Introducing Next-Level Bathroom Style With Wall Hung Toilets

If you’re looking forward to saving bathroom floor space and cut back on the cost of maintenance, then wall hung toilets from Austpek Bathrooms will be your best bet. This toilet design will be apt if you have powder rooms or small bathrooms where even square footage of space is precious.

Besides being stylish, these toilets are easy to clean as well. These units are designed to blend technology and design giving you best-in-class comfort and hygiene. In short, the wall hung toilets found at this store bring a proven space-saving solution in the market.

Choosing From An Expansive Range Of Sleek Toilets

The wall hung toilets found here have a concealed tank for minimising the footprint and bringing a new breed of flexibility in your bathroom area. When compared with the floor-mount models, wall hung toilets save precious inches of floor space. With this design, you’ll find it simpler to clean underneath the toilet bowl while the smooth surface makes it easier to wipe down.

These wall hung toilets come with tornado flushing for improving the flushing effect while preserving the water. The toilet variety has a concealed design that adds to the seamless quality of the space. Long story short: These toilets bring elegance, luxury and technology for creating a masterpiece that can redefine any bathroom culture.

Finding The Wall Hung Toilet Style To Suit Your Tastes

At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll be able to pick different wall hung toilets from a variety of brands such as Poseidon and TOTO. Besides, this toilet range is available in two different colours such as white and black. Whether it’s durability or style, this collection of wall hung toilets scores good marks in every aspect.

Browse through our wide gamut of wall hung toilets and style your bathroom space in a new way. Since these toilets are mounted on the wall, they add an edge to your bathroom decor and bring down water consumption like never before.