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The Latest in Toilet Technology

If you’ve never thought about investing in a bidet toilet seat, you’re behind the times. Representing the latest in toilet technology, these marvels offer a luxuriously hygienic bathroom experience.

With integrated appearances, eco-friendly flushing capabilities, and handy automated functions, the washlet truly is a must-have in any contemporary bathroom.

Toto toilets for everyone

It’s true – bidet toilet seats and Toto toilets are excellent options for those who are looking to make their bathroom experience more pleasurable and convenient. That being said, in this day and age, everyone can benefit from the comfort and cleanliness offered by the humble bidet.

Here are just some of the life-changing features offered by our range of high-quality washlets and bidets:

  • Elegant styling with minimal bulk for a streamlined appearance

  • Optimised flush for maximum cleanliness with minimum water

  • Front and rear washing with perfectly warm water

  • Self-cleaning and sanitising nozzle for total hygiene

  • Automatic operation, including lid opening, flushing, and lid closing

  • Soft light function for complete comfort for night-time usage

  • Warm air drying

Invest in a high-quality bidet toilet seat

Available in a number of different sizes, styles, and price points, discover a bidet toilet seat or free-standing Toto toilet that meets your personal needs. Enjoy a level of comfort and convenience you never thought possible with these high-tech bathroom devices. Plus, enjoy free shipping Australia-wide on all Washlet orders over $150. You’ll never look back.

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