Rain Shower Heads & Arms

Enjoy a Luxury Shower Experience with a Rain Shower Head

The first thing you'll notice when you look at our range of rain shower heads is the variety of stylish designs. Smooth chrome finishes and sleek lines lend artistic beauty to what was once a purely functional bathroom fixture. What you don’t see is the soothing experience that a rain shower head provides. Rain-type heads are bigger than standard heads, providing a balanced drenching experience that differs from a traditional shower experience. The shower head is fixed on an extended shower arm so that the water “rains down” on the user. It creates a sensation reminiscent of being caught in a warm rain.

A Rain Shower Head Will Have You Singing in the Rain

Unlike a traditional shower head that focuses the water stream in one area, a rain shower head and shower arm combo provide an even pressure over a larger area. Using a shower arm is an alternative to installing the shower head onto the ceiling. It brings the water closer to you for a more soothing experience. It also makes it easier to install a new rain shower head in your bathroom.

It’s a completely different showering experience than what you get from a focused stream of water. The total drenching you feel is more calming and relaxing. It’s the perfect way to ease into your morning or to unwind after a long day.

Water Efficiency You Can Feel Good About

In spite of the soaking these shower heads provide, they still offer water efficiency. Using less water means you save on your water and energy bills. You also do your part to help protect a valuable natural resource. All that and you still enjoy a luxury shower experience every time you use it.

The Best Rain Shower Heads for You

Some companies only offer rain shower heads that you must install in the ceiling and connect directly to your plumbing. You can get the same impact and easier installation with a separate shower head and shower arm. At Austpek Bathrooms, we offer some of the best rain shower heads available in a range of contemporary styles. Browse our products to find the right fit for your lifestyle and your bathroom. Contact us for more info now!

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