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Since establishment in 2000, Austpek Bathrooms has focused on providing quality bathroom accessories and fittings that complements any bathroom needs. our goal is to inspire and help all Australians to create their dream bathroom.

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Mirrored Shaving Cabinets

Restyle bathroom space with mirrored shaving cabinets

On average, a man spends almost 5 minutes shaving approximately four times a week. That means the total time spent shaving by any man annually is nearly 17 hours. On the other hand, women spend almost 43 hours every year doing makeup and styling their hair before heading to a party or going out in the evening.

Men may be a bit speedier than the fairer sex, but they still spend almost 14 hours every year to achieve that flawless appearance before going out anywhere. These facts point toward one thing: You should get a mirrored shaving cabinet for your bathroom. And the best place for finding classy mirrored shaving cabinets is none other than Austpek Bathrooms.

A wide range of shaving cabinets available

At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find cabinets that, if installed properly, help create an illusion of greater space in smaller shower rooms and bathrooms. The entire collection of Austpek Bathrooms found at this online store is ideal for cloakrooms, en-suites and bathrooms. Best of all, these bathroom areas won’t take much space and will let you keep your toiletries well-organised.

With these mirrored shaving cabinets, you’ll find that getting ready is simple and fast. Best of all, these cabinets will help you lend your bathing space a stylish yet neat appearance. Even the mirrors used in these cabinets look great because they’re superiorly reflective. To make things even better, these cabinets are quick and easy to install and are made from best-in-class material that can withstand wear and tear that a bathroom has to endure.

Give bathroom space the ultimate style with these cabinets

Austpek Bathrooms brings a number of mirrored shaving cabinets from top-class brands such as Poseidon, Inspire and others. And if you’re choosy about the colour of mirrored shaving cabinets, you’d be glad to discover they’re available in black, black/chrome, chrome and rose gold at this store.

Remember, a mirrored shaving cabinet is one of the classiest accessories that completely redefine bathroom culture. What are you waiting for? Browse through our entire collection of cabinets right away and find the perfect cabinet that’ll complement your space like never before.