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Since establishment in 2000, Austpek Bathrooms has focused on providing quality bathroom accessories and fittings that complements any bathroom needs. our goal is to inspire and help all Australians to create their dream bathroom.

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Three Piece Taps

What are the benefits of a 3 Piece Faucet?

For some people, a two handle faucet is their preferred hardware to adjust water temperature. Most people are fuzzy about the perfect temperature and flow control. This is where a two handle faucet or a 3-piece kitchen faucet comes in handy. This type of faucet is the most useful when you need to access both hot and cold water. It can be especially loved by people who live in an area that experiences extreme temperature changes--both hot and cold weather.


Another benefit would be in the event of a leak. The user can turn off the valve of a leaking handle while still having access to water from the other functional handle.

Timeless Style

This style of faucet can also bring a level of elegance. It can look more inviting, and when chosen in bronze or patina for your kitchen or bathroom décor, a three piece tap can bring an old-world atmosphere with timeless rustic appeal. The installation needs to be more thoughtful, however, when drilling three holes. This is not a problem with Austpek on your side.

Ease of Use

The added control can also be very convenient, especially when it comes to running a bath. With separate taps, one common method is to run both taps simultaneously, usually with the hot water tap opened more fully than the cold. Though some families prefer a mixer tap to do it in one step, others find their optimum temperature easier with three piece taps. Shop our Three Piece Taps from brands Linsol and Linkware.