TOTO Washlets, the new age of bathroom technology

In today’s age of technology, bidet toilet seats represent one of the most advanced and innovative pieces in toilet technology. A bidet toilet seat, similar to the conventional toilet seat, is fitted on top of any standard toilet bowel. However, modern technology has allowed bidets to feature automated functions and Eco-friendly flushing capabilities that offers an unparalleled hygienic bathroom experience that gives users ease of mind. Often through the use of a remote control, depending on the array on models, bidets are able to achieve a range of functionality through the press of the button.

One brand that is notorious in its luxurious and innovative bidets is TOTO Toilets. Founded over 100 years ago in Kitakyushu, Japan, TOTO is the world’s largest toilet manufacturer renowned in their lifestyle enhancing products. Since introducing their first washlet in 1980, TOTO is renowned in developing next generation bidets embedded with highly advanced features.

With an expertise in helping its customers benefit from maximum comfort and cleanliness offered by the bidet masterpieces, TOTO manufactures its toilets for everyone. That being said, this includes options tailored for those with chronic bowel illnesses, sensitive sin and mobility impairment. While bidets like the ‘Le Muse Washlet with Remote Control’ allow you to maximise and control your bathroom experience through the buttons of a remote, the operation panel gives its users a fully personalised cleansing experience as the bidet provides fully adjustable options for temperature, direction of water spray, pressure and also the drying function. Through TOTO’s bidets, advanced technology meets Japanese hospitality.

As the leading manufacturer in premium and luxury toilets and bidets, TOTO is starting the grow its presence in Australia while it already an acclaimed market leader throughout Asia and North America. The central function of the bidets is to allow for a clean up using jets of perfectly warm water as opposed to toilet paper which leads to added eco-friendly benefits like the reduce risk of clogged toilets given the cut down of toilet paper use. TOTO has uniquely designed their bidet models as a single unit.