Top Trending Bathroom Brands 2022

There was an era when bathroom interiors were nothing more than just a place to cater for the daily routine. However times have changed. Today, when building a new home, the bathroom becomes the diamond jewel of the construction and can contain the most extravagant design elements to further enhance home experience with rhythm and elegance. As the demand for more sophisticated and attractive bathroom fittings has grown, various brands have started thriving in the market with innovative products that possess unique, high-tech and luxurious designs. Here are some of our favourite brand picks below:

Founded in 1989 - Phoneix Tapware is an Australian born and thriving company, established with the goal of providing consumers with the finest and highest quality in bathroom experience. The company is prominent for their determined vision on creating premium design and quality. With a proficiency in creating the modern bathroom ambience, Phoenix offers a large range of innovative and well distinguished products including high-quality taps and mixers, accessories and showers. Whether you decide to choose the Phoenix Argo heated towel ladder, the Toi wall basin mixer or the ever-popular vivid slimline hand shower range, among a plethora of diverse phoenix collections, every product purchase is endorsed with warranty and replacement to provide customers with a complete peace of mind. From an extensive range of colours and finishes including brushed nickel, gunmetal grey, matte black brushed gold and classical chrome, you can feel safe in designing your dream bathroom with Phoenix Tapware.

An innovative Japanese brand rich in history and acclaimed market leader in the luxury bathroom manufacturing industry, TOTO is well known across the globe with its brand presence in the Australian market gradually and calmly rising to the top. TOTO is renowned for its invention of the first electronic bidet in the world which blew everyone’s mind - the toilet, no longer merely just a practical bathroom component, the modern toilet is fitted with eco-friendly technology, sensational functions, and heightened comfort all whilst offering aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing designs.

An example of how TOTO creates innovative products at a whole new level, is the TOTO Nerorest - "The most advanced toilet we've ever seen"- As an eco-conscious designed toilet integrated with a washlet unit, it comes with functions such as a warm light option for easy night time access, water heated seats, an automatic open and closing lid when its sensors detect nearby movement, and a oscillating cleansing function suitable for both men and women. With a removable bidet seat so you can enjoy all the best functions whilst retaining your existing toilet, you’ll feel overindulged with a TOTO Washlet. This luxury masterpiece comes with an auto deodorizer that activates after each use, a temperature controlled heated seat so you're always warm throughout the winters, as well as an adjustable cleansing and drying function. With constant funding of research and development into new technology, TOTO products are well recognized today across the world and is regarded highly by all professionals within the industry.

Set to become one of the market leaders in the luxury segment of kitchen and bathrooms, LINSOL Tapware has a vast range of Italian made and designed accessories, kitchen appliances, and tapware to complement any interior design. Using futuristic and innovative technology and design, Linsol uses only the best materials to complement their products to assure flawless quality and ultimate reliability while saving the user on water and energy bills. Whether you select the Allegra Collection heated towel rails available in chrome and matte black finish, the fine Black Carbono sink with LED lights; or even the Black Carbono Sink fitted with LED lights, made in Germany from 80% Quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, you can trust LINSOL to meet the needs and tastes of individuals seeking the highest level of quality tapware and kitchen sinks.

Building a strong reputation in the highly competitive market for consistently manufacturing and designing high-quality showers, tapware and bathroom accessories, Linkware Australia has a sharp eye for design. All Linkware manufactured and designed products - ranging from an orb black double towel rail to hand held shower heads or the blend of white and chrome finish basin mixer - feature the highest level of craftsmanship ideal for all builders, renovators and/or home owners considering its mid-range pricing whilst maintaining a high level of quality. Whether you’re seeking more of a modern look or a traditional and classic design , Linkware Australia has an eye-popping range of sinks, spouts, stylish 3 piece taps, showers and mixers to fit your dream bathroom.

A brand situated in the land of the Kiwi, with an expertise in efficiency, quality and developing cutting-edge technology. Felton Tapware is renowned in its exclusive premium showers and tapware. With a dazzling range of masterpieces designed and assembled in its home land - New Zealand, Felton has strict quality control overseeing the entirety of the manufacturing process, from the sourcing of raw materials all the way to the packaging and shipping of its products. With patented technology, Felton has enhanced the quality of daily life for consumers through innovative water solutions to achieve efficient and revolutionary water-saving products. Whether you choose the Que collection outlet with matte black finish, the Corto collection basin mixer with chrome finish or the fascinating Smart View Digital Axiss pack with a LED displaying exact water temperature on the shower mixer (, Felton Tapware is ideal for integration into any space with their high-tech bathroom and kitchen products.

Culture isn't created overnight, its established through many years of innovation and appreciation of company values. As a trendsetter in bathroom culture, Inspire Bathware is known for their high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings that adds pure elegance to any interior. Every product designed and manufactured by Inspire, from the most extravagant rose gold and matte black tapware to the classical chrome showers and accessories - is developed and manufactured with superior quality and craftsmanship. With an extensive selection of vanities, toilets, baths, heated towel rails, and elegant ceramic basins , you can fulfill your captivating bathroom with Inspire Bathware.

To conclude:

At Austpek Bathrooms, we’ve built a strong relationship with our brand partnerships and we are extremely proud and honoured to become the official dealers in distributing products from global leaders. We respect how much these brands collectively have heightened the standards for not only bathroom and kitchen designs, but interior design as a whole. If you're looking to renovate or build your dream bathroom, contact our team of industry professionals. We can accommodate to all your inquiries regarding pricing, design, installation and much more.