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Since establishment in 2000, Austpek Bathrooms has focused on providing quality bathroom accessories and fittings that complements any bathroom needs. our goal is to inspire and help all Australians to create their dream bathroom.

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When you wake up in the morning, you’ll most likely go to the bathroom for a wash-up.

At that time, imagine being greeted with a blurry mirror or, worse, one with toothpaste stains.

You think you have blurry eyesight and your mirror is A-OK, but that’s not the case. Actually, you need to take care of your mirror. Or you have to completely change your mirror-care routine.

In this explainer, we’re going to give a rundown on the ways to take care of your bathroom mirror so that it doesn’t get blurry anytime.

But before jumping to these mirror-care tips, let’s understand why having a bathroom mirror is so important.

Mirrors that reflect bathroom elegance

Mirrors have become an important part of your life. Most of you may rely on mirrors the moment you wake up until your bedtime.

And that reliance comes from the fact that mirrors offer different aesthetic and functional benefits.

When you fit a mirror properly, you’ll make any bathroom appear to be wide and open. That’s because mirrors even refract light making any space well-lit.

If you keep your mirrors beautiful and pristine, they’ll easily create a feeling of relaxation and elegance.

Remember, nothing will ever ruin the look and feel of a room than a tarnished mirror.

Now that you know the aesthetic benefits of a beautiful mirror, let’s get down to understanding different mirror-care tips.

Battle-tested mirror-care tips finally revealed

Cleaning with warm water and a soft rag

Want to make your bathroom mirror as clean and beautiful as a new one?

In that case, you need to regularly clean your mirror with the help of a soft rag or paper towel.

Even old newspaper will help clean mirrors.

Nonetheless, stay away from using gritty rags because they’ll most likely scratch the surface of the mirror.

Other than a dirty rag, make sure to not use emery cloth for cleaning the mirror because it’ll also scratch the surface.

Also, dusting the mirror will help retain the surface’s shine and finish.

Making sure that mirrors are properly installed

Keep in mind to install the mirror in a properly ventilated area.

That way, you’ll help the mirrors not sweat or create moisture.

Yes, if mirrors are installed in a dark room, they may create moisture—that moisture will eventually damage the mirror’s surface.

Not spraying any cleaner directly on the mirror’s surface

Want to use a mirror cleaner?

If that’s the case, avoid applying it directly on the mirror’s surface.

You may think, Why shouldn’t I spray any cleaner directly on the mirror’s surface, anyway?

Well, here’s the thing: if you spray a mirror cleaner on the mirror’s surface, it’ll run down the glass. That’s when the solution will even go through the edges and seams of the mirror.

When that happens, the solution will damage the mirror backing.

What’s the solution?

Well, spray the cleaner on a cloth and then rub that cloth on the mirror’s surface.

Now, you know three proven tips for cleaning the mirror.

But what if your mirror is beyond repair? Do you feel that none of the tips shared above will help you restore your mirror’s charm? In that case, you need to invest in a good bathroom mirror.

And when it comes to finding best-in-class mirrors for your bathroom, it comes down to Austpek Bathrooms.

Austpek Bathrooms: Finding the right bathroom mirror was never this simple

At Austpek Bathrooms, you’ll find a wide array of bathroom mirrors. This range features the mirrors that come with shaving cabinets to LED mirrors and standard ones. Best of all, these mirrors are sourced from leading brands such as Duraplex, Inspire, and Poseidon.

Now, what are you waiting for? In case you want to buy a sleek, stylish mirror that refreshes your bathroom area, get one from Austpek Bathrooms.

Visit the website today and get the mirror that improves your bathroom space like never before.

Also known as floating vanities, wall-mounted ones lend your bathroom a stylishly ultra-modern look. If installed well, wall-mounted vanities will even give the bathroom an illusion of a bigger space.

In this post, we’re going to dive deep into the tips that you must keep in mind before buying a wall-hung bathroom vanity.

But before delving into these tips, let’s understand why you’d need a floating bathroom vanity in your space, anyway.

When’s buying a floating bathroom vanity a good idea?

These vanities will be your best bet if you want to store a few toiletries in your bathroom without compromising on the space’s look and feel.

Floating vanities will also be an ideal option if your space has a radiant heated floor. That way, your bathroom vanities will never come in your way to experience a cosy floor.

Other than that, wall-mounted vanities will help you take complete control of the height of the sink. That way, you can easily adjust the sink’s height as per your needs.

Last but not least, floating bathroom vanities will help you showcase the space’s design features including a mesmerising shower or alluring tilework.

Now that you know when these floating vanities lend your bathroom space a nice look, let’s take a deep dive into buying the best of them.

The top tips to buy the right floating vanity for your bathroom

The right fit matters the most

When you’re designing a bathroom or remodelling your space, you have to find a floating vanity that looks good.

If you’re unable to find that kind of bathroom fixture, you’ll have to keep looking for it.

See, your bathroom vanity will have to use the space well.

For example, never invest in a floating vanity if you have a small-sized bathroom.

That’s precisely why buying the right wall-mounted vanity begins with measuring the space end-to-end.

That way, you’ll be more confident when it comes to buying the right floating vanities for your space.

The use of these vanities

When you want to decide on the vanity’s size, think about how it’ll be used, to begin with.

For instance, if you want to remodel a master suite bathroom, you must invest in a double-sink vanity.

But your priority will change the moment you’ll be refurbishing your guest bathroom. Why? Well, guest baths are usually small in size, so having a floating double vanity won’t be an option for sure.

But if you’re prioritising the storage above everything else, then you must go for a vanity that has a good amount of cabinet space.

Long story short: Get a floating vanity that’ll help you use the available space nicely.

Finding the right colour and finish

Last but not least, you’ll have to find the best colour and finish of bathroom vanities. Why? It’s because the right colour and finish of the vanity will actually complement the look of the space.

For example, if you want to experiment with the style of your bathroom, then you must invest in getting a white oak wall-hung vanity that’ll add drama to the space.

But if you want to play it safe, then go for a wall-hung vanity with an espresso or brown finish.

In the end, you must pick only that colour and finish that’ll improve the style of the bathing area.

Wrapping it up

So, now, you know why it makes complete sense to get a wall-hung bathroom vanity.

Besides, you even know the tips that’ll help you lay your hands on top-class wall-hung bathroom vanities like never before.

Well, then, now, it’s your turn to tell us which bathroom vanity style would you prefer for your bathroom space and why.

Every well-designed bathroom has a vanity. Without a good vanity, your bathroom may not be complete.

Whether you’re redesigning your bathroom or building it from scratch, you may need a vanity to improve storage space and refresh the space’s style.

But buying a vanity is no walk in the park for sure.


That’s because it takes hard work and time to choose the best vanity from a sea of vanities.

Basically, you’ll need a bathroom vanity that’s chic and utilitarian at the same time.

To make things simpler for you, the buyer, we’re going to take a deep dive into the tips that’ll help you buy the right vanity for your bathroom.

Ready? Get, set, and go!

Know your space inside out

The right bathroom vanity will easily deck up your space like never before. Best of all, putting a vanity in your bathroom will revamp the look and feel of the space without investing the kind of money required by a big renovation project.

So, before you begin investing in a new bathroom vanity, it’s better to completely know your space. Knowing your space begins with completely measuring it. Measure the space’s depth and width to understand how much space is actually available.

When you’re buying your next vanity, it’s better to consider the fixture’s doors—whether they’ll swing or slide. A pro tip: Get the entire footprint of the vanity on your bathroom’s floor. That way, you’ll get a sense of the overall bathroom real estate that the vanity will occupy.

Figure out what you want to buy

Once you know the available bathroom area for storing your vanity, you’ll find it easier to answer this million-dollar question: Do you need a single vanity or double vanity?

For those of you who don’t know, a single vanity has just one sink; on the other hand, a double vanity has two sinks.

The thing is, if you have ample bathroom real estate to play around with, it’s better to get a double vanity. That way, you’ll even have more storage area and your unused bathroom space will be used in a better way.

One more tip: The single vanity would work great for a powder room or any guest bathroom. Quite the opposite, a double vanity will suit best for a master bedroom.

Understand your style

Last but not least, you need to consider your bathroom as part of your home decor only. That way, you’ll be able to style it better—as per your requirements and budget.

Speaking of the vanity’s style, this specific fixture is available in different colours. If you want the space to have a chirpy look, it’s better to choose a vanity having a brighter shade. Otherwise, go with a vanity having darker, more serious shades such as black or grey.

Likewise, think about the style of the vanity. Whether you want the vanity to have a trendy look or carry a minimalistic appeal. For instance, a vanity using dark wood will look timeless and classic for almost every bathroom space.

Final thoughts

Now, you know what it exactly takes to buy a good bathroom vanity.

Searching for some good bathroom vanities in Sydney?

Yes? In that case, buy your next bathroom vanity from Austpek Bathrooms.

This online store offers top-class bathroom vanities from leading brands such as Duraplex, Inspire, Johnson Suisse, KDK, and Poseidon.

Best of all, choose from a wide selection of bathroom vanities at this online outlet. The collection features floor-standing vanities, mirror cabinets, and wall-hung vanities.

So, visit the store’s website today and browse through its collection to pick a vanity that complements your bathroom style and fits your budget.